Secrets of Buy Now Pay Later Catalogs Revealed

Published: 17th March 2011
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If you are looking for buy now pay later catalogs, I assure you that you will have no problems finding them. Buy now pay later programs are designed for shoppers to pay for purchases within a specific point of time in the future. This option is ideal for several situations. If your daughters birthdays is coming up and you have insufficient funds to make the purchase, browse through a couple of buy now pay later catalogs and pay for the product in easy installments. The order now pay later schemes have gained popularity over the years.

Get a taste of all the flavors of order now pay later

Many retail outlets provide buy now and pay later catalogs with lucrative offers. The scheme closely resembles the functioning of a credit card. Order the product of your choice and if approved, you can either pay the entire amount at a later date or spread over a time period in the form of small installments. There are a couple of stores that offer buy now pay later catalogs to their business clientele only. And not to forget the few who have low-priced items in their catalog.

An experience youíll want to keep coming back to

Buy now pay later catalogs have created a shopping frenzy for millions of people. Letís take a quick glimpse into what make these order now pay later schemes promising:

Free home delivery
Helps you better to manage your finances
Most stores offer a 15% discount on products in buy now pay later catalogs
Possibility to spread the cost of your purchases over a given period of time
Interest free credit for a specific amount of time
Easy application process
Access to a wide number of products
Even those with no credit or bad credit can avail of custom designed programs
What are the risks involved with buy now pay later catalogs?

So, if you are on a tight budget, buy now pay later schemes can be a blessing in disguise. Despite the benefits a couple of difficulties can obviously arise. Here are a few things you need to know before taking the order now pay later plunge.

Cost of items maybe higher
Interest increases after initial term
Failure to pay the installments on time would result in an increased debt
Goods once sold cannot be returned
And the final verdict isÖ

Buy now pay later catalogs carry tons of offers that could easily lure you into making additional purchases. They are also an excellent way to help deal with cash flow at grave times in your life, but certainly not an excuse to steer clear of making the payments. If you think you are way over your head with debt, then its time for you to seek financial advice before using order now pay later. You could consider using a secured credit card with a low limit so that the payments can be made in a timely manner. Itís important to understand the various benefits and risks associated with buy now and pay later catalogs before going into it.

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